Futuri Media

Futuri is the only company focused on GROWING audience and revenue for media organizations with a full suite of innovative audience engagement and sales intelligence solutions. With Futuri’s AI-powered technology, you will expand your audience and deliver measurable revenue growth by driving consumer behavior. Futuri’s technologies help you magically align the right message with the right person at the right time, so you can: 

  • Grow Your Content
  • Grow Your Audience 
  • Grow Your Revenue


Futuri solutions

  • POST: Futuri’s all-in-one podcasting system. POST is a streamlined system that helps you take your brand’s audio expertise and use it to maximize podcast opportunities, create engaging video content for your socials, capture ratings lift with PPM-encoded on-demand audio, deliver new content for advertisers, and even aircheck talent easily — all with best-in-class speed and without overwhelming you with multiple systems to manage. 


  • TopicPulse: Harness the power of AI to access the ultimate compass for your content. With TopicPulse, you always know what locally trending topics are resonating with your specific target audience in real-time — no stale show prep here. TopicPulse’s predictive intelligence capabilities tell you what topics will be hot hours from now — essential for voice-tracked content. TopicPulse IdeaStarters™ give you access to ready-for-air or socials bullet points on the topics of the moment throughout the day. Plus, the available TopicPulse Instant Video option enables you to quickly create timely, relevant, monetizable video content on the day’s top stories in minutes. There’s nothing more powerful for creating compelling on-air, website, and social content that gets your audience’s attention and keeps them engaged.


  • TopLine: Shorten your sales cycle, increase conversation rates, and make the most of your team’s talents. TopLine streamlines the sales process with our suite of sales intelligence, data visualization, and appointment prep tools that are here with you every step of the way. TopLine’s business acumen content helps your team uncover new prospects. Our AI-driven personality prep tools help you develop a rapport with decision-makers. And our wide variety of custom research assets, from category pieces that can position you as a thought leader on your socials, to full client-specific presentations, help tell your brands’ stories in effective, sophisticated ways that generate revenue.


  • Tether: Creative by ReelWorld, connection by Futuri. Easily create standout programming moments and turn your station into a dynamic interactive experience for listeners with ready-to-air audio setups, recaps, and payoffs, all produced with your station VO and supported with video pieces that promote them wherever your audience is looking. Tether’s voting session technology, originally known as LDR, is trusted by stations worldwide to create anticipation and excitement and keep listeners tuned in — all in a way that allows you to maintain total control. Tether integrates with your station automation system to make executing voting sessions and social posts easy, and Tether analytics give you clear insights into audience listening habits and how they interact with your station. Paired with Tether Song Alerts, proven through a Nielsen study, to drive increases in tune-in occasions and TSL, Tether is a must-have for any station that wants to stand out.


  • Prep+: Say goodbye to stale show prep. Prep+ is the all-inclusive show prep system: Curated news aggregator, collaboration tools, audio for on-air use, video for social media use, and so much more. Content, written by format specialists with on-air experience, is updated live multiple times during each airshift — not once a day. Build your show from within the Prep+ system using our powerful collaboration tools. Plus, Prep+’s customizable dashboard lets you customize your Prep+ experience to have it your way.


  • Futuri Mobile: You know how much time your listeners spend with their smartphones, but having a dedicated means so much more than smartphone placement these days. With Futuri Mobile’s Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration, you’re instantly integrated into your listeners’ connected cars, with valuable real estate on their dashboard displays. Create a totally immersive mobile experience with a Futuri Mobile app.


  • Futuri Streaming: With so many people working from home and listening to their favorite radio stations via smart speakers, their computers, mobile apps, and the connected car, there’s never been a more important time for your station to have a high-quality streaming experience. With HLS standard, high uptime, best-in-class support, and a team that’s obsessed with quality, Futuri Streaming is the right partner for brand that want to reach their audience in a way that sounds great and keeps them listening longer. 


  • Futuri Voice: Remember how media consumption was forever changed when the digital revolution took place? Today, consumers are speaking their wants into action, especially as they look to cut down on physical touch. By 2024, consumers will interact with voice assistants on 8.4 billion devices (Juniper Research, April 2020). That’s a number higher than the population of the world. Live up to your brand’s promise with customizable smart speaker skills from Futuri Voice.